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Diploma of Business

Are you an experienced businessperson seeking promotion to management? With the BSB50120 – Diploma of Business (release 1), you can gain the specialized knowledge necessary to handle challenging tasks related to business operations.

Seeking a comprehensive business education? The BSB50120 – Diploma of Business, AIBTE offers a robust curriculum designed for adept professionals in the modern business landscape. Start a journey of business mastery with AIBTE’s comprehensive Diploma of Business program, designed to equip you with the acumen and agility needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment. AIBTE’s Diploma of Business provides a pathway to expertise in the business domain, emphasizing the acquisition of strategic skills and practical knowledge necessary for today’s complex business environments.

Course Summary​

Enrol in the BSB50120 Diploma of Business at AIBTE, an acclaimed vocational education institution in Australia, to gain critical skills in business management and entrepreneurship. This program covers essential aspects such as marketing, human resources, and project management, preparing students for a successful career in business.This program is structured over a year, encompassing 52 weeks, including structured study and student activities. It is designed to impart specialized knowledge in business operations, making it ideal for those seeking to ascend to management roles or enhance their business acumen.

This course also offers the opportunity to learn how to establish and maintain productive working relationships, a key component in any business setting. Students will be equipped with skills in leadership, delegation, and group cooperation, crucial for a successful career in various roles like executive officer, business development manager, or director of operations.

Course Summary


52 Weeks


12 units of competency

BSB50120 Diploma of Business

Over one (1) year, this course is taught. The course lasts 52 weeks, including 40 weeks of structured study and instruction (4 of 10 weeks each). In addition, breaks, holidays, and pre-and post-training events for students are all arranged for 12 weeks.

A Diploma of Business requires the completion of 12 units, which include 5 core units and 7 elective units.

BSBCRT511 – Develop critical thinking in others. Core
BSBFIN501 – Manage budgets and financial plans. Core
BSBOPS501 – Manage business resources. Core
BSBSUS511 – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability. Core
BSBXCM501 – Lead communication in the workplace. Core
BSBOPS502 – Manage business operational plans. Elective
BSBTWK503 – Manage meetings. Elective
BSBPEF501 – Manage personal and professional development. Elective
BSBTWK502 – Manage team effectiveness. Elective
BSBOPS503 – Develop administrative systems. Elective
BSBHRM525 – Manage recruitment and onboarding. Elective

The AIBTE Diploma of Business is a fully registered program with comprehensive course units available. Explore detailed information about the course units on and take the first step towards a successful business career.

What You Will Learn?

This Diploma of Business course includes modules that can aid in your pursuit of a management profession and the development of crucial specialized abilities for the corporate world. You will learn the following:

    • Manage team effectiveness in this training.
    • Encourage others to use critical thinking.
    • Discuss, present, and articulate ideas.
    • Establish and maintain productive working relationships.

You may also acquire the following personal qualities along the way:

    • Group cooperation
    • Delegation of work.
    • Leadership.
    • A successful communication.

Possible Career Opportunities:

Here are the career options for you after completing the BSB50120 Diploma of Business:

    • Executive officer
    • Program consultant
    • Program Co-Ordinator
    • Business Development Manager
    • Director of Operations
    • Small Business Operator

Course Detail

Join our community of ambitious learners and gain a competitive edge by advancing your skills with our Advanced Diploma of Business. Designed to build upon the BSB50120 Diploma of Business foundation, this program delves deeper into advanced business strategies, leadership principles, and innovative management techniques. Expand your knowledge, elevate your expertise, and position yourself for greater success.

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Course Structure

You must finish the following competency units to meet this qualification’s requirements.


Taking the lead in workplace communication

The information and abilities needed to lead communication in the workplace across all industries are covered in this subject. However, the communication abilities needed for team leaders responsible for other employees are the main topic of this section.


Cultivate others’ critical thinking

This lesson explains the information and abilities needed to foster critical and inventive thinking in others in a professional setting. The unit applies to those whose jobs require them to be proficient in critical thinking abilities, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These individuals include those who are training and coaching others. In addition, individuals who are normally in charge of managing teams are covered by this unit.


Control corporate resources

The information and abilities needed to manage resources by deliberate company strategies are covered in this unit. These include analyzing resource needs, creating resource plans, allocating resources, and reviewing and documenting resource utilization. In addition, the unit pertains to those responsible for assigning and overseeing the utilization of human and/or physical resources to achieve specified business objectives.


Create sustainable workplace policies and practices.

The information and abilities needed to create, execute and adjust workplace sustainability policies to suit changing conditions are covered in this subject. The unit applies to people with managerial responsibility who focus on formulating strategies to develop, monitor, and enhance workplace strategies and policies. These people interact with a variety of pertinent stakeholders and experts. In this section, “sustainability” refers to a comprehensive strategy that minimizes an organization’s social, economic, and environmental effects while actively creating value in these areas.


Manage financial plans and budgets

The information and abilities needed to handle finances in a company or line of work are covered in this course. It entails developing and putting into practice financial management strategies and supporting and assessing the efficiency of financial management procedures. In addition, the unit pertains to managers utilizing financial resources within work teams in various organizations and industries. They ensure that financial resources are managed according to the team’s and organization’s financial goals.


Organize and oversee productive working relationships

The information and abilities needed to direct and oversee successful working interactions are covered in this subject. The unit pertains to people in leadership or management roles who play a significant part in developing and overseeing policies and practices that foster working relationships. These people implement the organization’s principles, objectives, and cultural diversity policies. They employ intricate and varied techniques, methods, and procedures in addition to various decision-making and problem-solving techniques, all of which require significant discretion and judgment.


Control team performance

This unit covers the information and abilities needed to lead teams in the workplace and actively participate in the organization’s administration. The unit applies to managers who inspire and foster a pleasant work environment. At this level, work is typically completed utilizing intricate and varied techniques, necessitating significant judgment and discretion. Additionally, a variety of problem-solving and decision-making techniques will be used.


Implement and maintain WHS policies, procedures, and programs

The information and skills needed to develop and oversee a company’s workplace health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures, and programs in the concerned work area are covered in this unit to comply with legal requirements. The unit applies to persons with supervisory responsibilities in a workplace who provide highly developed abilities in problem-solving through analysis and assessment of data from various sources. They supervise and direct people while bearing only a small amount of accountability for their work product.


Manage business operational plans

To support productive workplace practices, profitable organizational operations, and efficient and effective workplace practices, this section explains the skills and information needed to establish and oversee the implementation of operational plans. The unit applies to those who oversee the work of others and work within the constraints of more comprehensive strategic and/or business plans.


To control business risk

This course outlines the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage business risks in various organizational contexts or for a particular business unit or area in any industry scenario. The unit pertains to those in authority positions who have been given the go-ahead to bring about change throughout the organization, business unit, program, or project area. They might or might not be in charge of personally supervising others.


Present and discuss ideas clearly

To elicit responses, reactions, and critical discussion, this unit outlines the abilities and information necessary to articulate, present, and debate ideas in a professional or general life context utilizing creative strategies. Individuals who contribute and convey ideas that may be complicated and may be related to new goods, services, procedures, or artistic works are covered by this unit. In addition, these people must be able to persuade others with their thoughts.


Organize your professional and personal growth

The information and abilities needed to put systems and processes in place that support one’s own and others’ professional and personal growth are covered in this course. The unit applies to people in various managerial roles who are in charge of the growth and productivity of others.

Develop personal work priorities

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan and prioritise own work tasks. It also addresses the skills and knowledge to monitor and obtain feedback on personal work performance.

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course